Remaining true to our heritage our stores remain committed to providing all its agricultural customers an extensive stock of agricultural input products to meet all their needs. Quality animal feeds are always available in store or delivered direct to farm. The best in animal medicines are stocked with every store having the qualified personnel to offer any advice and assistance needed. All grassland management essentials are stocked from fertilisers to herbicides. Fencing materials, gates, silage requisites, milking equipment, tractor equipment and feed supplements are stocked to ensure our farmers have what they need, when they need it. All stores offer store to farm delivery.

Nutrias Feeds

To get the most from each individual system, careful management of energy and
dietary protein levels are required to optimise value from feed inputs. Correct
supplementation at key periods is essential in maximising production and overall
profitability. The Nutrias team can help with assessing the value of home grown
forages and implementing the most effective supplementation programmes.

Our range of Nutrias feeds have been formulated using the most up to date scientific information derived from both Teagasc and international research, thus ensuring the best performance on farm.

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