New Homeland Garden Products Launch May 2018

Check out some new Products that were launched at the recent Homeland Plus Sligo event on 22nd April 2018.

Homeland Super Gro Tomato Feed

Did you know that may is the ideal time to start feeding your plants?Try the new Homeland Super Gro tomato food.A liquid fertiliser plant food for tomatoes and pot plants.
Specially formulated to ensure healthy tomato plants with an abundance of fruit. Supergro is also ideal for use on flowering plants to produce healthy colourful blooms. Use SupergroTomato Food fortnightly throughout the growing season to ensure your hanging baskets and window boxes look there best all Summer. Super Gro is highly concentrated and great value as it makes 286 litres of feed.

Homeland Slow Release Fertiliser

Alternatively try our Homeland Slow Release fertiliser.This slow release blend of nutrients feeds for up to 6 months and will ensure a season long feed for plants.
As it is a general purpose fertiliser it can be used on most plants. It is very beneficial in container plants and hanging baskets ensuring lots of blooms and healthy foliage all summer. The handy pour spot pack makes it simple to use without any mess”

Take a look back at some images from the recent Homeland and Homeland Plus events in Ballina and Sligo.

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